1. thundyuk

    Laptop for college student

    Hi there, My lil sister has recently begun college and, at the last minute, was informed she needs a PC at home to do work on. Unfortunately there's just the shared PC in the living room but this isn't suitable, and she ain't having my gaming PC to do it on :P Can anyone recommend me a laptop...
  2. bush

    i dont know what to do with my life

    ok so im finishing school half way through 2018 and i have no idea what to do with my life, i also have no idea what to do in college, i dont even know if i want to go to college!!! if i could get any suggestions or help then it would be greatly appreciated. thanks a lot
  3. BIG_M29

    Cloud Storage college project

    I have enough responses. Thanks! Hi, I am new. I had a look at the rules and I could not find anything to suggest I am breaking them in asking for this, so here goes.. I am doing a project for college (I am an adult but need to do this course to get to university!). I need respondents to a...
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