1. ElT

    Is 8bit + FRC discernibly worse thatn 10 bit colour? (And a couple of other questions)

    Hi. Any help appreciated! :) So I know the output signal is 10bit and the same regardless but some "10bit" panels are in fact faking it by doing a kind of flicker between two adjacent colours very quickly. I think I have the theory down but what I don't know is if it's noticeable. And if it is...
  2. Steven Hughes

    MasterFan 120mm RGB Colours Stuck

    Hello everyone, So I've installed these new fans as I've listed above and i was changing colours using the asus aura sync software just to see what ones were best. In doing this the front 2 fans have stuck on white and no matter what i do I can't get them to go any other colour. The top 2 fans...
  3. designby

    Sign and print shop looking for a laser print for customers

    Hi, I have normally turned down any small A4 or A3 print jobs as I can't see how they make you money. I have not got a bit of space in the front of the shop to put a large a3 laser printer /scanner. I wanted some advice of what is the best cost effective laser printer that will not let me down...
  4. 100%scottish

    RGB or colour scheme?

    I have been TOTALLY out of the loop when it comes to computer hardware for a few years now and I am shocked at the amount of RGBness going on . I bought a cheap case (kolink stronghold) and some tt rgb fans for it to replace my ancient fractal r2. So my question is, do you like the rgb look or...
  5. jwilliamson47

    PC Build Colour Mismatch - Options?

    Hi, After a long time I'm trying to sort out a new build which currently has parts for systems which were cancelled. Unfortunately, the mismatch of colours is extremely irritating and I'm looking for suggestions what to do next. Firstly, the Super Leadex PSU is in white and was meant to go...
  6. CosminGCole

    BenQ GW2765HT Colour Profiles macOS

    Hi, I just collected the BenQ GW2765HT and will use it for Ui Design so I need accurate colours. For now I dont have a calibration device since I'm just getting started but I was wondering if anyone knows the best settings for this monitor to give me an image close to real life. Thanks !
  7. Big McCann

    Noctua Colour Alternative

    I am currently going to be purchasing a Noctua NH-L9i low profile CPU cooler for a small form factor build. But the i am not impressed by the colours of the fan. I do however like the other black industrial fans noctua have, though are there any slim versions available?
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