1. Otorongo

    Can Virgin Media coax cable be reused for Community Fibre?

    Hello, I currently have broadband with Virgin Media. A cable goes in through the front wall of the house, and on the inside wall there is a box. A short coaxial cable comes out of it and it goes to the back of the house, concealed under the floor boards. At the back is my modem / router. When...
  2. tomciti

    Community Fibre - throttling / limiting TCP connections?

    Hi I got "Community Fibre" FTTP 150Mbps download, 150Mbps upload package 2 weeks ago and I'm currently testing it. Community Fibre state they throttle or limit connections in any way but it seems to me they do. I got Linksys Velop router and ADTRAN 621i XGS-PON ONT modem from them. The problem...
  3. chaosophy

    Community Fibre Received a letter this week saying that this is going to be rolled out to where I live, looks to be offering good speeds at decent prices. I'm currently with plusnet FTTC and get pretty much the max of the 80/20 speed it offers but do like the idea of full 1GB/1GB...
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