1. sweetlike3

    Spec Me a Car for Between 5-7k

    Looking for a reliable car between £5k-£7k, ideally meeting the following criteria: Medium sized for motorways, i.e your: Astras, Focus, 308 etc Diesel Comfortable Must be ULEZ Compliant so 65,16,17 plate Manual, wouldnt mind automatic but at this budget it may not be wise choice. For any...
  2. Mason-

    Advice for down the line - commuter car 20k miles a year

    Hi all. Currently do 80 miles a day (45 minutes each way), 4 days a week, very easy driving. 60 road then dual carriageway A120 against traffic, and then M11 against traffic. My average speed tank to tank is 53mph that include idling time etc. Currently doing this in a 59 plate Alfa Mito 1.4...
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