1. ChrisLloyd101

    DYSON PURE COOL or Ventless Portable Air Conditioner?

    Hi everyone. I just moved in to a new apartment in London and for some reason it is naturally very hot. It's probably around 30c degrees in here! I'm looking a way to make the place cooler. The living room is 18m2. I don't want to have an air-con unit that needs a hose going outside so I need...
  2. csber3

    I have to ask... has anyone actually bought this case?

    While browsing the site for a new upgrade I saw this and I have questions: 1. Has anyone ever bought this? 2. How did it look? 3. Do you cut yourself every time you turn it on? 4. If you have that...
  3. dagless

    Shallow mini-ITX case

    Hi folks, I'm upgrading a mini-pc to take a graphics card so I can drive a second monitor. I haven't found a case that's just right so would welcome some ideas. I've not done this before so learning as I go... My requirements are: - fit a mini-ITX with SSD - be shallow, ideally max 22cm deep...
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