1. JamesLucas

    Robocopy the changes only and long path name problem

    Using RoboCopy to copy files from windows server 2008 R2 to windows server 2012. The script copy files fine but is set to scan the source folder 10 times for files. The source is about 103vG of Files and Folders. we have daily about 1 G changes, The scanning task never seems to compete. it is...
  2. Undying

    USB External Hard Drive Randomly Disconnects

    I have recently upgraded my motherboard (second hand), CPU (second hand) and memory (new), however I am now having USB external hard drive problems which I didn't have before. I mostly use Teracopy to copy/move files, but since upgrading it fails most of the time on the verifying stage when I...
  3. IggyStooge

    Files missing after copying a folder to another HDD via new USB 3.0 card.

    Hello, I just installed a new USB 3.0 PCIe expansion card and was keen to see the lightning fast speed but unfortunately it appears no faster than the USB 3.0 on my Mobo. At best it reaches about 120 MB/s. External HDD's at least stay connected now which is something, but I just copied a 300+...
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