cpu failure

  1. ron jeffreys

    crosshair hero v111 wont post

    hello nice peoples, im new to this so forgive me if im in the wrong place and ask stupid questions, ive had my hero v111 running for a while now, its built in a tt tower 900 with a amd series 9 3900x, power cooler red devil gpu, 2 m2 drives, 1 samsung 1 tb ssd, and other bits an bats, psu power...
  2. Uruziel

    Looking for help with upgrade.

    I've posted this on lots of forums already, and have yet to get an answer how to fix this. CPU i7 6850K Mobo Ultra Gaming Gigabyte G1 x99 DDR4 HyperX Predator 4x4 3200Mhz & 2x Corsair DDR4 2400Mhz (bought corsair to test other ram) GPU G1 Gaming 1080 PSU EVGA Supernova P2 650W & Supernova...