crosshair vi hero

  1. ssmacc

    CROSSHAIR VI HERO (x370) nvme adapter and drive?

    Hello, I’ve got a CROSSHAIR VI HERO (x370) I’ve decided to keep due to the limited real-world FPS difference in PCIe 4 vs PCIe 3 (I’ll probably upgrade to a 3080/ 3070, but from what I read I won’t notice a difference due to PCIe 4 vs PCIe 3). However, I would like another NVME drive, with this...
  2. Mattinho

    Crosshair VI Hero q code 8?

    So yesterday evening I was using my PC when suddenly the screen went black. Everything was running (well everything apart from the keyboard and mouse as their lighting also switched off) in the case still, all lighting was on with the components just no picture. It also wouldn't switch off via...
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