d5 pump

  1. arconz

    Pump changing speed

    I've had a new system build with an Asus Dark Hero motherboard and an EK D5 pump for a custom loop. 2 420mm rads cooling just a CPU at this stage (5950X), so kinda overkill surface area lol. When I first got the rig they had set the pump to run at 100% constantly which was very loud at 4.8K...
  2. Rehab88

    Bitspower Sedna O11DXL

    Hi Guys I am looking to get the Bitspower distro plate for the o11 dynamic XL however i cant find any stats on the pump. It says its an S1 pump but cant tell if thats DDC or D5 to see if there is a need to swap it out. I dont think the tubing runs are gonna be that restrictive but i do want to...
  3. Simon L

    Pumps not pumping around custom loop

    Hi all, Firstly, really appreciate the forum, reading all the posts here I plucked up the courage to try my luck at my first custom loop! The issue I'm facing is, I've built the loop (it's a mess I know lol), there aren't any apparent leaks but the water isn't being pumped around the loop. I...
  4. Jackhodge998

    DDC 3.2 Pwm pump to D5

    So as of a few days ago my DDC pump has died, I am looking at buying a d5 pump to replace it.. If there a way of swapping from the DDC to the d5 without purchasing a whole new pump/res combo? Thanks!
  5. Joesams

    Which pump (pump reservoir combo?!)

    Hi, I have the following plan: Rads 2 x EK-CoolStream PE 360 (1 facing front, 1 facing top_ 1 x EK-CoolStream XE 240 (1 at the bottom of the case) Blocks 1 x EK-Quantum Momentum ROG Strix X570-E 2 x EK-Quantum Vector Strix RTX 2080 I was trying to calculate the pressure based on the amount...
  6. Stilez

    High CPU temp on new custom loop - what am I missing?

    I've built a nice low-restriction CPU loop, and if the Aquacomputer flow meter is to be believed Ive got flow rates about 3.3 litre/min (~ 0.72 GPM GPM) which is slightly on the low side, and components chosen for thermal excellence, but the CPU temp is still a lot higher than I expect. Here's...
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