1. lamboman


    Hi all, As I'll be doing a fair bit of mileage soon, I figured it'd be a sensible idea to invest in a dashcam or two (front and rear). This thread is more to double check that I'm making the right decision! My requirements are fairly basic, and I guess obvious for the most part: 1080p/30fps...
  2. Quartz

    Dashcams and license plate recognition

    Is license plate recognition something that could be built into dashcams? Is it particularly computationally intensive? Picking out a plate number after the video has gone through lossy compression is often problematic, so if it were done beforehand, it would be most useful. I'm not asking for...
  3. Richie

    Private Dashcam footage to be used by Welsh Police to prosecute

    A pilot initiative in a part of Wales allowed the public to submit Dashcam footage to the police who could then use the footage to start a prosecution case. This is now being extended to all of Wales - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40996609 I have watched a fair bit of Dashcam footage and...
  4. Quartz

    What aux power gizmo do I need?

    I flattened my car's battery AGAIN. I had left my dashcam plugged in AGAIN. On my Skoda Yeti the 12v cigarette lighter socket is always on. So I need something that will plug into that socket into which I can plug my dashcam's power which will cut the power when the battery's power drops below a...
  5. AndyCr15

    eBay Scammer is idiot? Help with moral dilemma

    So 'scammer' is probably a be a bit strong, but here's the story - I sold my DDpai M6 Plus Dashcam on eBay. They're usually around £90 (new, but coming from China) but I'd been sent a free review replacement unit, so was happy to let it go at a good price, it sold within an hour or so for...