1. vineeththampi01

    How to attach intermediate joist to frame

    Hi All, I am in the process is building a deck quite close to ground. I have built the perimeter (framing with 47 * 147 timber) with post every 2.4 m roughly. The shape roughly looks like a triangle. I am bit stuck with how to attach intermediate joist to the framing. I am using a joist hanger...
  2. Andrew Lomaz

    Small Decking Area Query

    Hi all, Newbie here! I have a small area (1265mm x 1530mm) at the back of my garden which abutts my shed. It currently is a flower bed but . To prepare the ground my plan is to dig out the topsoil strata and then lay a weed-proof membrane and put some gravel and slabs on top. Is there...
  3. Cadder

    Mice under decking

    Hi all, We have had our decking down for a couple of years. We haven't seen many mice until this year and it seems there are quite a few. We saw three different mice going into different areas of the deck and that's quite alarming all of a sudden. Ideally I'd like to persuade them that my...
  4. tygar2

    6x2 treated timbers instead of timber decking - any downsides?

    Hi everyone. After some advice. I rebuilt my deck frame using c24 6x2 pressure treated timbers and after months of searching and waiting, my delivery of 5.4m Canterbury style decking arrived today. Hard to find during lockdown as the local timber yards were either sold out, did grooves both...
  5. DavidJatt

    Best solution for slippery decking

    Hi all, A year ago, we had some decking installed which at first was great. Now a year on we're finding that when it rains (which is all of the time) it is lethal underfoot! I started looking at decking mats but these are thick, rubber mats with holes in and are a bit industrial for my liking...
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