1. Robbie_G


    Hi All, Alpenfohn recently decided to join the AIO market creating a cooler alongside overclocking expert der8auer and is suitable for overclocked systems as well as for silent operation. The Glacier Water 240 from Alpenfohn has been optimized for high performance and quiet operation. This is...
  2. hkintheuk

    AMD : 5950X : Overclocking & Asus Dark Hero

    Morning folks, Der8auer did a YouTube video called "Overclocking AMD Ryzen just became INSANE". For those of you who understand overclocking a lot more than I do, and are Dark Hero owners and perhaps watched this video, I think I noticed something odd in his BIOS settings with his RAM. He...
  3. an0nym0us

    Ryzen 2400G delid

    Hi all, I'm planning to delid my Ryzen 2400G in order to overclock the CPU and iGPU whilst still using the stock wraith stealth cooler in the in-win chopin case. I'll be using the "der8auer delid die mate 2" plus the AMD adapter kit...
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