diablo 3

  1. kaktus

    Best way to buy PC games

    Apart from Steam, where would be a good place to buy games from? Haven't bought a new game in ages except GTA 5 which I got from Steam. I want to buy Diablo 3: RoS but steam doesn't have it and direct from Blizzard is a bit overpriced tbh Edit: Sorry should've mentioned - preferably a store...
  2. Teaf

    *** The Official Diablo III Thread ***

    Patch 2.7.0 (Season 23) Dates: 2nd April 2021 - Mid to Late July 2021 Opening Time: 4 PM UK / 5 PM CEST Click here for timezone comparisons You can find builds for this season here The last major patch notes and season information is here There isn't a specific theme for this season...
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