1. Drizmod

    Sound Card for a digital connection to Cambridge Megaworks thx 250d speakers

    So I was doing some cleaning in the attic and found my old Megaworks speakers and I remember how good they sounded back in the days with a digital connection to my Creative X-Fi sound card. I'm looking for a sound card that has a digital output on a standard 3.5mm connection as that's the only...
  2. Has P

    UK Digital Economy Act - how does it work?

    The Digital Economy Act of 2017 banned a whole host of pornographic material (including spanking, facesitting, urolagnia, fisting etc etc...) from being viewed by people in the UK. I don't really understand how this law is enforced because most of these acts are very easily accessible within...
  3. TheSkateyBird

    Recommend me a point and shoot.

    Hey all, So I've been wanting to sort my Mum out with a decent digital camera for a while after her Nikon broke a couple of years ago. I'm looking for something around the £150-£200 mark tops but could possibly stretch a little higher if it makes a difference in quality. I know that a lot of...
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