1. Metrix

    USFF Server Questions

    Hi all, I'm currently looking to consolidate a few of my Raspberry Pi's into one server specifically I'm looking to run a few docker containers such as a personal VPN, Pi-Hole and torrent box with the possibility of home automation in the future. I've been looking at HP & Lenovo USFF boxes...
  2. Metrix

    MFF Server Questions

    Hi all, I'm currently looking to buy a small form factor PC with the intention of being used as an Ubuntu server that will host the likes of Docker, Portainer etc. Whilst I've built systems in the past when it comes to ultra-small form factor I have no clue and given my budget of £150 (at a...
  3. thenewoc

    docker build question?

    I'm learning docker and would like to use the official tomcat image as the starting point in my Dockerfile but it has an env variable set for CATALINA_HOME = /usr/local/tomcat. The java WAR application I'd like to deploy would like to be installed in a different path to what is set upstream...
  4. lixxus

    docker compose mutiple containers

    Hi guys, I am new to docker. I have been running webmin with ubuntu server for my web services such as wordpress etc. I like the idea of docker that these ready built apps run as containers on one VM/machine. My question is regarding the compose file. If i want to run...
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