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  1. OldBoyUK

    Docking station

    Hi all, Happy 2024! After much resistance in 2023, I'm now having to start taking my work laptop home, but I find it so frustrating working on the small screen. I have a gaming PC and two monitors, and would be able to have some kind of switch or docking station so I can utilise the monitors...
  2. MeThatsAll

    Thinking of buying Acer laptop but had a question...

    Hello All, I'm thinking of getting this laptop "NITRO 5 NVIDIA RTX 3070, 16GB, 15.6" FHD 144HZ, AMD R7-5800H GAMING LAPTOP" link But its partly going to be for work, my work involves a lot of swapping between info and and I need to have 2 monitors to do it efficiently. I've been looking into...
  3. NBALL1987

    Connecting to a Docking Station

    I am trying to connect my laptop to dual monitors so that I can work more efficiently. Setup as follows: Lenovo 300e 2nd Gen Notebook Type 81M9 running Windows 10 Pro 64 Lenovo ThinkPad USB-C Dock Gen2 HP ProDisplay P232 x2 The Dock is working, bios fully updated etc. and is charging the...
  4. sudonym3

    a few questions about monitor docking stations

    My current set up is a laptop that plugs into a Dell D3100 Docking Station, and I have two monitors connected to the docking station via HDMI ports. I am looking to change my set up by replacing my laptop with a desktop computer. My questions are: Question 1: Will a monitor docking...
  5. jpknz

    USB Docking Station

    Hi I'm looking for a bit of help/pointing in the right direction for a USB hub with the following specs Output Ports 1 x Gigabit Ethernet 1 x USB C (charging) 2 x displayport 3+ USB Type A (preferably at least 1 charging - but not essential, others can be data only) Audio out (not essential -...
  6. Dave Lamb

    Docking for GE66 Raider

    Looking for a docking station for the GE66 Raider. Anyone have any experience with using / buying one? D.
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