doom eternal

  1. Poneros

    Doom Eternal Raytracing Benchmark Thread

    Hey, been looking at Doom Eternal more lately and I've been thinking about how interesting the performance of the game can be especially if we let the raytracing stretch its legs, in particular allowing everything to have a reflective value. So let's check it out! Software Required: Capframex...
  2. SirDanderson

    No Update on the Doom Chair order I placed?

    Good Afternoon - I placed an order for a Doom Gaming Chair 3 weeks ago, and the updates went from "In stock on 6th November" then "In stock 13th November", now says "out of stock". I've been on the phone on hold for 15 minutes now. I've not received any update on what's going on with my order...
  3. Calo

    Every Doom Shotgun ever in 4K

    In 4K60 'Ultra Nightmare' detail for fans of Doom and its many glorious Shotguns! Ever since Doom 3 I've built my PC to run the next Doom game. Its like a PC Master Race tradition or something.
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