1. Cherrypop

    Damp on concrete floor

    I have just bought my first house. It is an old 1850’s cottage. On the survey the surveyor said that the property had some damp rising through the floor which ‘may’ be caused by concrete being put straight onto slabs and therefore the damp is rising through the floor. However he did not really...
  2. -Paul-

    High DPC Latency (ndis.sys nvlddmkm.sys dxgkrnl.sys) - Need a hero

    Hi All, I've got a fairly recent Ryzen5 1600 build and recently noticed high DPC latency with associated audio lag against video playback (youtube etc) with the odd pop\crack. Using Latency monitor I've managed to isolate the issue as being my network adaptor for the most part (Associated Sys...
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