1. WinSoft

    GeForce Experience reinstall

    I’ve been having a few issues with GeForce Experience so I uninstalled it from programmes and features and then went online and downloaded the latest version. On install I clicked custom so I didn’t reinstall the current drivers or do a clean install and it said missing GeForce Experience and I...
  2. OnlyAlex

    Device manager exclamation mark

    Device manager exclamation mark Hi everyone, on my Legion 5i Pro there was an exclamation mark next to a driver. I rolled back the driver and the exclamation mark disappeared. I restarted and updated the driver again and that was successful and no exclamation mark has appeared again and every...
  3. 3080guy

    Cant find drivers. Xbox series X controller B button doesnt work in various games

    I have a number of games in which the B button - acts as if its been pushed, in game. - Doesnt perform the function of B button, when pushed in game. (The game knows a button has been pushed, but the "back" action doesnt happen. Applies to a few games. The game knows a button has been pushed...
  4. Gopher_By_Fende

    Issue measuring VREF a4988 Steppers

    Hi All I recently acquired a second hand Geeetech i3 which I'm currently trying to get back into proper working order. I've been trying to set up the a4988 steppers correctly, however whenever I try to measure the VREF (one probe on the PSU earth, one on the steppers pot) I am only getting...
  5. cryptonian717

    Trucker Job in the UK

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a trucker job for a friend of mine. He is from Romania, and he has all the required documents in terms of driving (C and E license, professional certificate). He is looking for a job in the UK but is also open to be driving across Europe. I hope I posted this in...
  6. theChunkyBoy

    Help - ASUS Prime Z490-A Problem - Ethernet Port Driver Not Working

    I've had this problem since I replaced my old mobo with this new one. I would have to either disable/enable the Ethernet port, or reinstall the Ethernet drivers for it to recognize the connection. I tried reinstalling Windows 10 Pro, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, and I've...
  7. D1CER

    Mouse X/Y axis sensor alignment / Offset App?

    Hi All, I've been using a roccat kone pure desert Strike for years, on the the pure optical driver version 1.05 This driver support Sensor alignment and allows me to hold the mouse at a -20 degrees offset in order to remain comfortable in hand As far as I'm concerned this is an excellent feature...
  8. YaBoyShredderson

    B550 tomahawk ethernet not working?

    Ive been troubleshooting for ages trying to get this thing working, but no luck. I heard the b550 boards actually do support the 2000 series, so i put in my ryzen 5 2600 and it worked fine. However, the ethernet ports just dont work? Ive tried everything i could find, tsking the ram out for 10...
  9. JaffaCakeGaming

    No network adapters

    So I’ve just done putting together a pc for my brother. Everything was fine and it turned on first try, we used his SSD from his old computer. The problem is is that it won’t connect with a wired Ethernet connection, there is no network adaptor listed in device manager and attempting to...
  10. Robert1878

    LGV Apprenticeship Assessment Day

    Hi. I have an assessment day in a couple of days for a company called Avanti Gas. The assessment day involves group and individual activities and lasts 4 hours. The interview is for an apprentice LGV driver. I believe the job involves driving a lorry or tanker and delivering LPG. The company are...
  11. blazed

    New Wifi Adapter causing Graphic Card Freezes/Crashes.

    So I have a weird problem. PC was fine with rare crashes I was using an old USB TP-link wireless adapter that doesn’t support windows 10, and would sometimes D/C from the wireless network for no reason. So I bought and installed a PCI-E “Ubit Wireless Network Card WIE4530”. It started causing...
  12. IggyStooge

    Anyone had any experiences with the 'DriverEasy' program?

    Hello guys, A friend was telling me that his son had some issues with his laptop recently. It was pretty much unusable at the time but somehow he was directed to download and pay for a program called DriverEasy. It appeared to fix the issues but why would out of date drivers cause his system to...
  13. R1S8K

    Gamepad driver issue ?!

    Hello, I've been playing with my old gamepad for years with no problem, but recently like a year ago. The right joystick camera started to get freezed up!! I thought the gamepad is going faulty and I have to buy a new one. I bought a new one from Amazon and also the issue is there! That I...
  14. SemperFitz

    driver software updater

    Hi All, Is there a good free piece of software that can determine the correct audio drivers i need to download? TIA
  15. Mateusz94

    AMD RX 570 problem

    Hi guys, Just joined as I have been looking for a fix for my current issue I have with my graphics card and I couldn't find anything so I'm writing here to hopefully get a definite solution to my problem. So to start off, my hardware spec: Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 - Motherboard AMD FX8150 -...
  16. Robert41

    Random BSOD, any ideas what it could be?

    Hi, So I recently built a new PC and for some reason after being on it for around 6ish hours it seemed to just blue screen while I was browsing on Chrome. I have the memory.dmp here if that helps - I'm kind of clueless when it...
  17. Quartz

    What are Nvidia putting in their drivers these days?

    The last one (397.93) is 492 MB. Why the blazes is it so large?
  18. music4mybumhole

    Upgrade advice / driver problem

    I've been running a GTX 560ti for a good few years now and had no problems until recently. Firstly the latest driver actually screws everything up, games run at about 2fps and videos on youtube etc are very jerky / buffer. This a pain as I don't seem to be able to stop the new driver auto...
  19. snowdog

    Rotate webcam 90 degrees

    Hello, Does anyone know of a way to rotate any generic webcam by 90 degrees? Eg. Camera is 1920x1080 landscape, We want to use it 90 degrees rotated physically, so that we get a 1080x1920 (9:16) stream rather than 16:9. I'd imagine you'd have to manipulate the driver, anyone know where I'd...
  20. Kuuwahi

    EVGA GTX 1080Ti FTW3 Idle Full Clock / Not Downclocking

    Hi, My current GPU doesn't seem to be down clocking on idle and runs at a constant 1999Mhz. This seems to be a recent (within a week) occurrence. Today I moved the PC and changed my second monitor from a Display port to a HDMI Cable as the DP cable broke. I have been told that its the latest...
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