1. DHR

    BT Smart Hub 2 & Discs...pants?

    I've had FTTP up and running now for a month and half, all in all it's been great from a speed perspective but the kit (SH2 and 2 discs) is quickly becoming the weakest link. I'm having hell of my wife who works from home this morning because I keep taking down the line, saturating the upstream...
  2. Hydroxyl

    Corsair Sabre RGB and FPS drop.

    Hi! Has anyone had same problem that I did? Whenever I install that program that Corsair gave to the mouse, to control the lights on mouse I'm having a massive FPS drop when I move mouse. In Windows, or (worse) in games, FPS can drop down to 10, 5 FPS. But when I use tesco mouse (don't even...
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