dual channel

  1. orangepigeonman

    ddr3 ram 24gb 2x8gb+2x4gb or 3x8gb

    im still learning how ram works any help would be appreciated this is the ram i am getting Hyper X Savage ddr3 2400mhz CL11 DIMM XMP Memory Module i just wanna know if i should use 2x8gb + 2x4gb or 3x8gb sticks thanks :cool:
  2. Monkeynut

    Lenovo laptop mismatched RAM

    Hi guys, I have a Lenovo V15-ADA and it has 4GB of soldered DDR4 and 4GB on a SODIMM. If I upgrade the SODIMM to 8GB, will I lose dual channel? CPU is a AMD Athlon Gold 3150u but I don't want to lose graphics performance because I do use it for some less demanding games.
  3. cbates

    8 RAM sticks with a dual channel CPU??

    Hi all, I'm looking at upgrade options for my PC and I'm wondering whether a RAM upgrade will be of any benefit to me. At the moment, I currently have; Ryzen 5900x CPU 4x8GB G Skill Trident Neo 3600Mhz CL14 RAM MSI X570 Gaming Plus Motherboard RTX 3080 What I'm thinking of doing is upgrading...
  4. shaun mcintosh

    dual channel motherboard

    i just bought an asus maximus xii hero mother board, it is dual channel but has four slots for the ram ?# am i right in saying the dual Chanel is 1 channel is equal to 2 stick of ram and dual is the 4 slots full ? im new to building pcs and just wondering wither its worth the 4 x 8 or just 2 x...
  5. h4rm0ny

    Do I need to buy Quad Channel?

    Simple question - how important is it that I buy all my sticks of RAM together in a "Quad-Channel" pack rather than say two "Dual-Channel" packs? And can I mix and match manufacturers so long as the speed and timings are the same? If it matters, my interest is in DDR4.
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