dual loop

  1. MPowerph

    Aquaero with dual loop system

    Hi, I am using my current dual loops system for a while, and now there is a plan to install a Aquaero for the better control. I read about, how it works, but there are some things, what i do not understand, when you want to add an Aquaero to a dual loop system, may somebody knows the answers...
  2. eapease

    DUAL CUSTOM LOOP Watercooled PC with Primochill VUE Sky Blue & Primochill VUE Crimson

    PC Name: Room With A VUE https://************.com/b/LVmqqs PC PART PICKER FULL PART LIST ^^^^^^ Link To Youtube Full Build Video ~~~~~~~~~~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDuQcPf4mp0 I would love some feedback as this is my first ever experience watercooling! Upon completion of my...
  3. Charlie Hanson

    Parallel Radiators: no waterblocks

    My new build allows for a few different radiator options. I'm hoping somebody here has some legitimate technical advice, or cold hard experience, to help me decide what to do. I have the space for any of the following combinations: (A) 4x 120 radiators: EK's SE, HWLab's GTS, or any other...
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