1. Werewolf

    ~~~~~ ******** Christmas Logo Competition ******** ~~~~~

    All, Every year, the OcUK forums celebrate Christmas by replacing the logo at the top with a Christmas pudding and giving the smilies festive hats. With the upgrade of the forum software last year, it became clear that the pud was starting to show its age. We think it's time to replace the...
  2. Jacknbd

    Ducky Mecha cherry MX silent stock

    Hi guys, Was wondering if anyone knows when there will be more stock for the Ducky Mecha cherry MX silent? Was also wondering what exactly b-grade means when talking about a keyboard? Thanks, Jack
  3. Grey M@a

    Ducky One2 SF - Firmware can't be updated?

    Afternoon, Weird one but hoping others with this board have updated firmware and might be able to advise if I have this wrong. I have grabbed their v1.07 firmware for the keyboard, right version and double checked via the product code. The instructions for the firmware were as follows...
  4. LTgames92

    Ducky mech mini restock????

    Does anyone know if overclockers will be restocking the Ducky mecha mini next month or beginning of the new year?? Some US websites have them on pre-order and will be in stock beginning of December so was wondering would be nice if overclockers have a pre-order option. As they told me just to...
  5. rotherumz

    Ducky Mecha Mini - Not responding

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help me with an issue I'm having. I've had a mecha mini for a few weeks now and wanted to try the macro mode today to rebind some dedicated arrow keys. After switching profiles to try this (FN+2) the keyboard seems to be completely unresponsive and nothing is...
  6. Space Monkey

    Mechanical keyboard replacing keycaps and greasing stabilisers queries?

    Hey all, Just received a Filco mechanical keyboard today with Cherry MX Blues and also a set of Ducky PBT keycaps. Now replacing the standard caps is easy and I've done them but I need some info on the larger caps that have stabilisers? Firstly they were greased but when removing them a fair...
  7. NikTheSHNIK


    Another amazing looking board from Ducky. You know the score with these guys right now. they are knocking it out of the kleyboard park. I'll just let the board quack for itself... Ducky One2 SF Pure White 65% RGB Backlit Cherry Brown MX Switches USB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard UK Layout @...
  8. kisserik93

    Ducky - Varmilo - GMMK --- Which one should I choose?

    Hi! I would like to buy a new mechanical keyboard. I've narrowed my options down to the Varmilo VA109M CMYK (with Cherry mx silent red switches) Ducky Shine 7 (with Cherry mx silent red switches) Ducky One 2 RGB Full (with Cherry mx silent red switches) The Glorious GMMK (with Cherry mx...
  9. Assquez

    Ducky One 2 Mini "Pre Order"

    The store says its a pre order item but does not give a date when they will be shipped, does anyone know?
  10. prxlude

    White PBT Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here so I apologise if I have posted in the wrong section etc. I am looking at purchasing a Ducky Shine 6 keyboard within the next few days. However, I want white PBT keycaps. Does anybody have any recommendations or use any that they would consider to be...
  11. jwilliamson47

    Is The iKBC F108 the best quality keyboard under £150?

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade to a new keyboard and would like some advice on which model to go for. Budget is up to £150 and the main focus revolves around build quality. Not so fussed about gamer features/software but would prefer RGB lighting. Heard the iKBC stuff is excellent and much better...
  12. NikTheSHNIK


    Hi all, Ducky have three new flavours of keyboard available in 4 different switch types (Brown, Blue, Red, Black) for your consideration. Santa has also just come and emptied his sack in our booking in department. Shine 6 are are available with over 20% off! Ducky One Rainbow Edition Brown...
  13. NikTheSHNIK


    Hi all, The year of the rooster keyboards, are available to pre-order now. Information on features is a little this on the ground but I will update the product pages as it becomes available. The keyboard will feature not only the standard Ducky quality design and workmanship but is made extra...
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