1. bigalxyz

    Finding Suitable Graphics Card for Pair of 30" Monitors

    Hi forum, I own a pair of old-ish Dell 30 inch monitors (a 3007 and a 3008). Both should go to 2560 x 1600 resolution but only with DVI-D I understand (no HDMI connection available). Also I only have a single PCI-E expansion slot inside my PC. Is there a cheap graphics card out there (new or...
  2. DavidJJButler

    1080 Graphics card HDMI issue

    Please Please Please Help... I have tried the HDMI to Display Port..... The HDMI to DVI-D For some reason I'm not getting a picture? The Asus loading screen comes on when I power up the computer then just before it' about to load onto the home page it goes off and says No signal. I have tried...
  3. Mel_P

    HDMI out on Virgin Tivo box - getting picture on DVI-D monitor?

    Hello, I have a recently acquired Virgin TiVo box which I don't used directly but use a local monitor to check recording set up. Previously I had a non-TiVo box with a SCART output and used this via a DVD/HDD recorder / component output. Now that I have the TiVo box I don't need the DVD / HDD...
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