1. Jpaul001

    DVLA - Forgot to Apply for V5C

    I'm new to this country. I brought a car last year (Jan 2022), however I didn't know I have to apply for a V5C document. Dealer told me that I need not do anything else, unfortunately he didn't apply for a V5C. Immediately when I released this, I've applied to DVLA with my green slip (V5C/2) and...
  2. Steven225

    DVLA sent me letter and asked me to plead guilty or not

    Hi all I am really stressed out over this and I don’t know whether any of you could provide me some assistance in this. Around March 2022, I purchased a new car through a manufacturer which came with a plate number. I then insured it with admiral. Round April 2022, i bought a private plate...
  3. Balit

    DVLA provisional license clarification

    Hello, It's my first post on the forum and hope I have got the correct category for this. I applied for a provisional license in July first week and was asked to send over my passport (I'm not UK passport holder yet). But I then found out about their long processing times due to covid, so I...
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