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  1. wilgerdoom1919

    Lian Li O11D + 2x EKWB Coolstream 360 PE Radiator Clearance along with G1 Distro Plate.

    Hello fellas, im switching my computer to water cooling for the first time. Ive used "EK Configurator" for required parts compatible with my hardware. According to configurator, I will be able to use 2x EK Coolstream PE 360 radiator in my pc, one bottom and one on top along with G1 Distro plate...
  2. Chigs

    Is my Corsair XD5 Faulty? New to watercooling!

    Hi guys, new to the forum and watercooling! Just built my first water cooled rig, pretty impressed with myself to be honest! Didn't think it would come out as clean as it did! Only made 1 mistake with PETG tubing too. So I installed everything and started to fill the Corsair XD5 pump/res...
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