1. Scania

    BBC Micro Emulator with a difference.

    A nice trip down memory lane for any Beeb followers, an interactive 3D model of a 1981 BBC Computer complete with a large list of playable games. https://virtual.bbcmic.ro/ Only got this on my phone at the moment but can’t wait to check it out on my desktop later tonight. Enjoy! :cool...
  2. Haplo699g

    Low Profile Emulator/Media Box

    Hi Guys, I've decided to build my Dad a micro ATX form factor PC for him to slip into his entertainment unit primarily as an emulation machine for the festive season. It would need to be capable of emulating PS2 and earlier (he has a whole bunch of PS2 games he can't play right now) so low...
  3. NeoWave

    Retro gaming live streams

    No idea where to post this so mods, feel free to boot it someplace else or send it to silicon heaven. I've decided to stream some games, currently from the Sinclair ZX Spectrum era. I'm very green, but if anyone is interested and want to check them out you can view my first attempt last week...
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