1. Schizophonic

    My theory on Gel packs - am I correct in what I think is happening?

    Recently did a long run race and I've been training on my run using Sis gel packs. While my main focus on my long runs is to keep my heart rate down. I'm finding a pattern now when I take a SIS gel during the run my heart rate is getting higher. Now this is a theory of mine and it could be...
  2. Dave76

    Super insulation for Fridge Freezer.

    Wondering if you can get problems from super insulating a fridge freezer or freezer by adding like 50mm of fibre glass type insulation around the base, sides and top. My electricity bill is as high in the summer as winter, and obviously the lights aren't on as long. The fridge walls feel cold to...
  3. Cadder

    Hugo Energy App for Smart Meters

    I've had this app installed for a week or so now. I hadn't heard of Hugo until another member posted a link in another thread. It's a great idea and I'm quite impressed with the app overall. It's a LOT better than the SECURE home monitor I have. I can set budgets, look at hourly usage of gas...
  4. KhloeDale1305

    ECO it worth it?

    I was wondering if another had any experience applying for the ECO UK government boiler scheme? I'm trying to see if we're eligible but wasn't sure whether to try doing it independently or whether it was worth going through a company, like GTES? They seem to do the application and installation...
  5. mrk

    Elusive fusion reactors to be commercialised by 2025-2030... Or so they say

    I know we've been reading about this for years and years but could the advent of machine learning and AI finally bring us into new energy territory? Assuming this is all going...
  6. craig_t

    Energy Suppliers

    So, it's that time where I need to move suppliers. The way I see it is, I get gas and electric and it's provided along the same lines but somehow other companies charge for it but the service should all be the same as not sure when I really need to deal with the 'company' I pay. However...
  7. Maxamar

    PSU Problem?

    Hi, I got a build from OCUK in Dec 18 nothing fancy just enough to get the job done. FS-1AQ-OG OcUK Gaming Citizen Gaming PC - AMD Ryzen 5 2600, RX 590 8GB Graphics CA-029-KK Kolink KL-600 SI-Edition 600W 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply - Fully Sleeved Cables 1 CA-036-KK Kolink Stronghold Midi...
  8. IceWind

    Bulb : Gas and Electricity Supplier

    Hello This is a bit of a shameless punt but also a bit of a recommendation I recently switched to these guys on im saving about £15 to £20 a month of my gas and electricity which isnt too shabby at all. And for the shameless punt bit if you use this referral link I will get £50...
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