1. Quartz

    Dual Epyc workstation questions

    My brother is looking at a dual-Epyc workstation (2x 64 cores, 256 GB+ RAM, £20k+) and I'm looking to better advise him, so have a few questions. First, how much is the performance difference between quad-channel and octo-channel RAM? Second, how much is the added latency of one CPU accessing...
  2. Quartz

    When creating a VM, is it possible to align all cores to a single CCX?

    On AMD chips a CCX unit is 8 cores. All Ryzen, Threadripper, and Epyc CPUs are built around this. The performance differnece between the Ryzen 3100 and the Ryzen 3300 shows the importance of all the cores being on the same CCX. When creating an 8 (16 including HT) core VM, can you force all 8...
  3. Quartz

    AMD Epyc has problems when you max out PCIe lanes

    Linus Tech Tips has an interesting video about the problems they had when they maxxed out the PCIe lanes on their Epyc server with umpteen NVME drives TLDR There are major performance issues; it's all too fast and the bandwidth is overloaded. I'm wondering if Intel solutions have the same...
  4. Quartz

    Can you overclock the new Epyc CPUs?

    I'm looking at the low-end Epyc CPUs - e.g. the 7262 - and they seem price-competitive with Intel's desktop CPUs (e.g. the 9900) and I'm wondering if with their huge L3 caches they might be performance-competitive if overclocked. Has anyone tried it?
  5. Quartz

    Epyc vs Xeon - the RAM question

    I was just looking at Tyan and Supermicro motherboards and noticed that if RAM is the issue, then Xeon is the clear winner: Epyc motherboards seem to be limited to 4 TB of RAM whereas Xeon motherboards go up to 16 TB. So there you have it; now the question is, why would you want 4 TB RAM, let...
  6. Quartz

    Gaming on Epyc Rome CPUs?

    How is it? Come on, some mad idiot must have done it, right?
  7. Quartz

    Ryzen 2990WX vs Epyc 75xx / 76xx

    Assuming I have identified the need for a 32 core 64 thread CPU, why would I choose the 2990WX and why would I choose one of the 75xx or 76xx series?
  8. Quartz

    Threadripper, PCI Express, and multiple GPUs

    Paging @Kaapstad ! One of the plus points of Threadripper - and Epyc - is the large number of PCI Express lanes. I would like to see someone test the effect of this with multiple GPUs, both Radeon and Geforce, in 2, 3, and 4 card configurations. I suspect that there will be a modest difference...
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