1. Gibbo

    Amazon Issue - Item says delivered, but not delivered and refusing to refund or re-attempt delivery.

    Hi there Wondering if anyone here has had such an issue before. Ordered a Avalla X-200 Smart Dehumidifier last Friday for £329. Item was supposedly delivered last Sunday at 21:02 and handed to resident. No such delivery happened, no attempt picked up on any of the external cameras either, so...
  2. benparker

    Secure Connection Failed - Argh!

    So I've ditched my 3 Sim and gone with Voxi (5x better speeds) who use Vodafone network. Now there seems to be a bunch of websites I cant access, it says Secure Connection Failed. One of the websites for example is This never happened with 3. Is there a way to fix this mess?
  3. Mel_P

    Yamaha Minidisc player not working

    Yes I know its old technology - but we all have our embarrassments! I have quite a lot historic music / radio programmes recorded. I don't use it to record things any more in these days of radio streaming / catch up. It's just annoying. Sometimes listen to old Andy Kershaw "world music"...
  4. Illuminist

    Please help me, I'm going crazy, nvidia driver failed install

    Hello there, starting today when saw i have an update for my 2080ti in nvidia experience, as normal I downloaded it and tried to install it only this time it said failed...... I tried custom, failed, express, failed...... Uninstall the drivers I had and the experience. Downloaded fresh...
  5. Corne

    New Build failing to boot - constant RED CPU light - gigabyts mobo

    Hi Everyone really looking for some assistance please. (Hope this is the right place to post) I bought a whole new setup listed below: Mobo - Gigabyte x570 Aorus Ultra Cpu - AMD Ryzen 7 3800x RAM - vengeance pro 2×8GB 3200MHz PSU - Corsair HX750 SSD - NVMe - Aorus 512GB The graphic card is...
  6. peanutismint

    SanDisk Ultra II SSD failed. What are my options to try and access data??

    One of my SSDs that holds my MacOS install on my PC has seemingly failed without warning. It was 4 years old (just over the 3 year warranty, well played SanDisk...). It now doesn't appear in Windows on the same machine or even in BIOS, but it does appear in EaseUS backup software...
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