fan splitter

  1. malccy

    Is 3-fan splitter safe to use for 3x Nocua NF-P12 1300rpm fans?

    Hi after searching for answers regarding safety of using a 3-way fan splitter online i'm getting different answers. Some are saying no, others if the fans are low wattage and others say possibly if it is a good to high end motherboard. I'm wanting to connect 3 Noctua 120mm fans to an Asus...
  2. pete_agreatguy

    Fan Splitter Query (Gelid CA-PWM-03)

    Hi all, Quick query: Using a mATX motherboard that only has 1 chassis fan header but need to connect 3x chassis fans to this header. Going to use the Gelid solution (PWM 1-TO-4 SPLITTER - CA-PWM-03). The fans use only 0.2 amps. The motherboard header supports 1 amp in total. Can I just...