1. thisisthecount

    1yr old fence panels / dark stains need removing!

    Purchased these fence panels a year ago and fitted them without the need as I thought they were treated? I want to seal them now as they are getting some dark areas (see photos) what is this mould? Any suggestions as to what I should do? Sand it out? Treat it first with mould “stuff” I was...
  2. bettz

    Painting Fence Best product to kill Algae?

    Thought it was time to paint the fence as im getting through jobs quite quick whilst im in lockdown :D Got some Cuprinol Ducksback in Silver Copse as our fence doesnt get any sun in the summer its got a lot of algae on it what product would be best? I've seen bleach mentioned (not the most...
  3. Buffman

    Help me fix a fence Plz!(frame fixings etc) - save me neighbour complaints..

    Hi guys! Fixing part of my fence down one side of the house. I intend to get "hit and miss" style all the way round eg this type https://www.garden-fence-panels.co.uk/product/fence-panels-pailing-double-sided/ Please recommend me alternative manufacturers if any! If you can recommend me...
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