first time

  1. rIcK

    First time custom water cooling, help needed ( 3090FE )

    Hello folks! I have been a long timer user of air cooled PCs and have built my computers for many years however have always shied away from water cooling. I have however put custom coolers on graphics cards and a variety of other component modifications so I have no issues with getting my hands...
  2. r00s73r

    Components assemble! - First time PC build

    Greetings There comes a time in the life of a person when they have to build a PC. Since Christmas came early this year, for me that time is now. Big thanks to Sparx and Joxeon for helping me pick up the parts, as well as giving me some advice. Components: MSI MAG X570 TOMAHAWK WIFI (AMD...
  3. JackNeedsHelp

    Buying first pc

    Hey, i will try and keep it short and sweet. So I am buying my first pc and was wondering if I could get some advice. Here is my build...
  4. Bobby Carlos

    1st ever gaming!!!!

    Hi, Basically I’m looking to buy my first gaming pc, I currently use my laptop however I’m looking to upgrade to enable me to start playing on the pc. I play sim/strategy games (cities skylines, total war, football manager) I’m looking to expand on this to FPS, RPG and GTA V and the like. In...
  5. moogthedog

    Bubbles bubbles bubbles! Newbie needs a flush.

    ;tldr version: First time at water cooling, bought a kit. Ran fine until I added blue dye from kit, and now it's all bubbles and noisy, and they're not shifting. Want to flush it and start again - can I use tap water for the flush? Long version: Purchased a 'Liquid Cool 240 mm Vortex One...