1. Abandon Strings

    How to Format an 18TB HDD (WD Elements External Drive)

    Hi! I recently bought an 18TB WD Elements External HDD. This drive gives you roughly 16.37TB of useable space. I wanted to use this as a backup drive and used Macrium Reflect to clone an 8TB HDD data drive I have in my desktop to it (I've on a previous occasion used EaseUS to make true backups...
  2. Averyius

    Booting W 7 ultimate to SSD when Data is already on the drive

    I am building a new computer. I have used Rufus software to download Windows 7 64 bit to a stick / pen flash drive. I intend to install on and run the operating system from my new SSD. I want to know if Windows will automatically create a disk partition for me or if I must "expand the volume"...
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