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  1. garnett

    Where to find free games and deals

    Slightly different to the *** PC Gaming - Daily Deals Thread ***, where it can be easy to miss deals. I thought it'd be good to share links for where to look for game deals yourself. These are the bookmarks I've got:- ------------------------------------------------------------------- Sites...
  2. Nelly

    ASUS Promo: Four Free Games with Vega / RX580 / RX570 Graphics Cards

    This ASUS promo finishes tomorrow, however, if you have bought an ASUS AMD GPU between 6th August to 3rd November 2018 you can still claim upto 24th November 2018. Full details below. Link >> 4 games: Dungeon 3, Railroad Empire, Sudden Strike 4, Tropico 5 Complete Edition). Link >>...
  3. Datalives

    Forza Motorsport 6: Apex

    Forza Motorsport 6: Apex Free on Microsoft store at the moment - 21.5g download!
  4. Nelly

    Promo: Two Free Games + Everspace with ASUS X370/B350 + AMD Ryzen 1800/1700/1600/1300X series CPU

    This looks a fantastic deal, the games you can aquire are the latest AAA titles. Link: When you purchase an eligible ASUS motherboard and Ryzen CPU: CROSSHAIR VI EXTREME CROSSHAIR VI HERO(WI-FI AC) CROSSHAIR VI HERO STRIX X370-F GAMING X370 PRO & X370 A...
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