1. HorsleyA

    OpenReach and Competitor at the Cabinet

    Can anyone enlighten me regarding an issue we have in our village around FTTC/VDSL and clarify my understanding? Our Village is served almost entirely by a single PCP Cabinet. There are 2 FTTC cabinets one owned by CallFlow and one by Openreach. CallFlow no longer use their Cabinet and no...
  2. Zathan

    Help with Vodafone

    Hi, I recently upgraded from Vodafone super fast 1 to 2 but speed bearly changed, I was just wondering if my router stats look ok? https://imgur.com/a/YHobTh4 Thanks
  3. spicypixel

    Openreach - messed up records?

    Bit perplexed by this but here we go... I was casually looking to see what openreach products the checker says I can order on a new flat I've recently started renting. Getting the keys to the lower ground floor flat next month so got some time to work this out prior to it being an issue...
  4. DragonQ

    Cat6 phone extension causing VDSL sync issues

    Just had an Openreach engineer round and he found two issues that may have been causing our falling sync speeds and occasional evening of huge packet losses. One of those was the Cat6 cable I had running from the VDSL filtered faceplate (Mk3) into my patch panel. Despite the fact that it wasn't...
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