full tower case

  1. Abandon Strings

    PC Case with at least 3x 5.25" external drive bays & 1x Vertical PCIe Slot

    Hi, I have 3 devices that occupy my 5.25" external bays and would need at least the same space in a new case. I would also need either a Vertical PCIe Slot on the back of the case or a Full Tower case with plenty of PCIe slots, particularly a few between the motherboard and the power supply. It...
  2. armand de bruijn

    Old Beige cases

    I was just wondering, does anyone know where or anyone who knows where I can find old beige computer cases that nobody wants for cheap or for free. I'm specifically looking for: ATX compliance will help. Full ATX/Full tower form factor. I'm planning on using them to build super sleeper pc...
  3. BitterBeauty

    Need some help picking a new case

    Hi everyone. I kind of need some help as I've been researching for a good month and I'm still stuck. I've recently decided to fully upgrade my gaming pc and I got stuck on a case. At the moment I'm using Cooler Masters Half X, I've been using it for good 3 years now and I hate it with passion...
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