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  1. JayWise

    Has Windows 10 bricked my GA-X99-Gaming-5 BIOS? ARGH! HELP ME!!!!

    I HAVE REPOSTED MY POST HERE FROM ELSEWHERE, AS I AM DESPERATE TO FIND SOMEONE WITH A MAGIC BULLET FOR ME, HOPE THIS IS OK! Thanks in advance you clever folk... I know this is referring to pretty old Gigabyte tech now but I have not had a problem with my setup until a couple of days ago...
  2. feathers632

    Purchased Teamgroup 3200mhz 16gb from OCUK

    Purchased on 16th October 2017 for customer. Ram was running fine at the full 3200mhz speed. Motherboard was gigabyte AX370 Gaming K5 with Ryzen 1700. Motherboard died. Motherboard replaced by Gigabyte... same model. The ram won't run past 2133mhz on it. Tried 4 different bios versions...