1. Ben97

    Motherboard compatibility problem with Nvidia cards / drivers?

    Hi. I’ll start off by mentioning that I only use Ubuntu (20.04 currently), but I’m unconvinced this is the issue. This has been a long term issue for me, but until recently, I thought it was related to the card or drivers. I’ve been going round in circles and still can’t be certain what is...
  2. ijb1989

    Advice on GPUs

    Morning guys - just wanted some advice on GPUs. I built a PC last year: Ryzen 5 5600x Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB (2x 16GB) 3600MHz DDR4 RAM ROG Strix B550F MOBO I couldn't get a 6800XT or 3080 on launch so got a stop gap in the form of a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 TI. Almost a year later, and...
  3. Cadder

    Recommendation Required: Graphics Tablet For Sketching To PC

    Hi all, I had a quick search on the forums but didn't find too much useful or current information so I'll put it out there to see if any other members have a good setup they could recommend. I'm after a graphics tablet that links to the PC. I'd like it to be accurate, reliable and high...
  4. Cadder

    Replacing GPU in PC

    Hi all, Quick one really. If my plan is take out my 3060 Ti and put a 3080 in, do I just power off the PC and swap them over? No changes to drivers and what not?
  5. Cadder

    3060 Ti FE Artefacts/Artifacts

    Hi all, My PC has been fine since November, with very few issues. Unfortunately today I have noticed little graphic "upsets" on the screen. Some scenarios: 1. New tab in Chrome, as I am typing in the search bar, some artefacts pop up in the main window of Chrome and jump around a little as I...
  6. Rakip

    PLEASE Architecture Laptop

    Hello, I'm looking for professional advice on an economic laptops (about £1 - 1.5K) for Architectural studies using following software: -AutoCAD, -Revit, -Sketchup, -most of the Adobe Creative Cloud apps such Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, etc.. My daughter is using these and has issues...
  7. Cadder

    Dual Monitor Setup for RTX 3060Ti

    Hi all, I finally have all the parts sorted for my PC build. Now I need to sort out monitors to get the best out of my 3060 Ti. I can keep up with most component talk but I'm not up to speed with monitors just yet. Can anyone advise the sweet spot for two cost-effective, decent quality...
  8. AidanCO06

    When are the palit 3060 ti' s coming out ? or are they already sold out lol

    When are the palit 3060 ti' s coming out ? or are they already sold out lol
  9. Cadder

    An Interim GPU?

    I had a similar thread for an interim CPU, so now my focus is on GPU. I was set on getting a 3070, but by the time I figured out which was best "value for money" and got good reviews they had all gone. So I thought I'd settle for a 2070, 2060 Super or 5700XT - Nowhere to be found for a...
  10. Cadder

    Opinions on a quiet 3070 GPU?

    Hi all, I hope you're well today. My head is almost fried looking at GPUs for my build. I went down a rabbit hole or two but I have finally settled on an RTX 3070 GPU. Now I need to figure out which variant suits me the best. Quite a lot of the models I have tried to find reviews on have...
  11. Christopher McClure

    What monitors would be ideal?

    Hey there. I currently have a 2600x and 1060 6gb. Its a new build but ill be upgrading the gpu once i get new monitors as the 1060 is just a stand in for now. I am looking to see what are good budget monitors. Looking for 1 ultrawide and 1 gaming monitor. The gaming monitor would be 144hz and...
  12. 3080guy

    How to choose a graphics card (several models of same chipset)?

    Id like a 3080, but am extreemly limited re: knowlege. I know there are several 3080 cards on the market. With my limited knowlege, Ive thus far thought: 1) Not sure a 3080 Trio would fit, the physical dimensions of a 3080 Trio card (3 fans) are a few cm longer than the non trio cards, and space...
  13. Deleted member 77746

    Sigrotor + Coding Help + Mini Project

    Hello, I am seeing an increase of people requiring sigs to be hosted somewhere for this forum. I am looking for potential coders who would like to be part of a small project to get this back up and running for the forum. The person who owns is no longer and doesn't look...
  14. Jake Brightman

    Help needed, weird graphics

    I've been having a graphics issue (see link), the weird white lines appear over time and disappear if a move the app window about, but only does it on 2 pieces of software. Tidal (music streaming) and steelseries software for their peripherals, I'm not sure why it's happened, never had this...
  15. blazed

    New Wifi Adapter causing Graphic Card Freezes/Crashes.

    So I have a weird problem. PC was fine with rare crashes I was using an old USB TP-link wireless adapter that doesn’t support windows 10, and would sometimes D/C from the wireless network for no reason. So I bought and installed a PCI-E “Ubit Wireless Network Card WIE4530”. It started causing...
  16. gekonek07

    Budget PC - Up to 700 - Gaming and Video Editing

    Hi everyone, Looking to build or perhaps order a pre-build PC for up to 700 pounds. The main use would be for it to run latest games on ultra or just high settings and not lag during amateur video editing i.e. processing holiday clips. If possible to include a not to loud graphics card that...
  17. MrLeg

    RTX 2060 upgrade??

    Hi Overclockers community! New account but not to the forums. TL;DR RTX 2060, MSI, ZOTAC, EVGA, PALIT or PNY for upgrade? Would just like some advice on a planned upgrade to my GPU. I've sort of settled on getting a RTX 2060 (but open to suggestions) based on budget, price to performance etc...
  18. Inv3rtis

    Can you recommend to me a laptop that will fit my needs?

    Hello, so I am a graphics design student and also play video games (mainly League of Legends) and I am looking for a laptop that can be useful for both of those things. One thing is it has to be good enough to be able to run software like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Cinema4D and similar...
  19. SemperFitz

    Intermittent screen shut off

    Hi All, As the the title says, the screen goes to black but the PC stays on. Turn the PC off for a while and the screen is back. Graphics problem or heating? TIA
  20. Gibbo

    ***** AMD RADEON VEGA 56 ONLY £349.99 WITH THREE FREE GAMES!! *****

    Hi there Our best VEGA deal yet, been a few weeks in the working, but now made possible with some heavy funding from both Powercolor and AMD to get these cards down to the price point we feel they should be at: PowerColor Radeon RX VEGA 56 Red Dragon 8GB HBM2 PCI-Express Graphics Card @...
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