gta v

  1. Bufo20

    Low fps on 3070?

    Hi guys I'm playing games like gta V and getting low fps 50 - 70 and new world 30 - 70 l, does anyone have any advice the specs are: cpu: i5-9600k RAM: 16gn corsai vengeance 3200MHz (single) Hard rive: seagate firecuda 510 m.2 500GB PCI express 3.0 NVMe & seagate 1TB baracuda GPU geforce rtx...
  2. Matstar

    Best spec gaming pc for my needs

    Hi I’m looking to buy a gaming pc for my son and he wants to be able to play gta v with the lspdfr mod and plugins but iv noticed by other forums that the mod can take a much better pc to run than just gta as standard an you recommend the best spec for me please? My budget it’s around £1500...
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