1. Housey

    AMG GT R - Der Tag

    I am sitting here like an excited little boy, which at 53 is a rare feeling these days. My new car is on the trailer and due to arrive around 10am. We live for these days as petrol heads. As I did with my last car I thought I would do an ownership thread and try to keep it up to date when events...
  2. mccarf

    Driving an R34 GTR / MK4 Supra / R35 GTR

    So in the summer 2020 I'll be off to Japan for a holiday. My plan is to rent one of the above cars for one day and drive around their mountain roads. I'm a bit undecided on which of these 3 to go for. The R34 and Supra are definitely hero cars for me, I grew up in the gran turismo / fast and...
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