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  1. Das.Einhorn

    Old PC-What should I upgrade CPU VS GPU

    Hello, Right now I have a pc with a i5-3470 with a gtx 770x and 8gb ddr3 ram. A friend of mine offered me a deal on his 5 year old I7 4770k + z87 asus maximus formula vi for ~180£ Should i go for that or with the same money buy a new gpu?(prolly a gtx 1650 or 1060?) Wich would give me a bigger...
  2. Termineyter

    Changing my 4 year old pc setup in something that is descent for 2018, plz help

    Hey Can anyone help me upgrading my 4 year old system to something that will run the new black ops or battlefield with ease on full hd ultra or high settings. - MSI Z97 - G45 gaming Intel Z97 chipset , ATX, SLI crossfire - Intel Core I7 -4790K quad core Devils canyon , SKT 1150 , was running...
  3. Zefan

    *** Youtube/Video thread ***

    It's simple - post youtube videos. Be mindful of the forum rules and read the Rules again if you need a refresher. Inappropriate content and swearing will be removed.
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