hdmi output

  1. Charn S

    CCTV HDMI output via ethernet switch

    Hopefully someone can advise on sending HMDI signal via an ethernet switch. Current setup is as follow: House is networked with most rooms having 2xCAT6 plates that go into the loft where there is a Netgear JGS524 24 port switch Broadband Router can plug into any room port or the switch to...
  2. itm

    Asus M4A785D-M PRO multiple display question

    I'm running Windows 10 Pro x64 on my HTPC based on this board. I have the HDMI output connected to my TV. I want to pass a 2nd video feed to another (analog) display using the VGA port. None of the options in the Windows "Project" settings seem to work as I want however. If I select "Duplicate"...
  3. Mel_P

    HDMI out on Virgin Tivo box - getting picture on DVI-D monitor?

    Hello, I have a recently acquired Virgin TiVo box which I don't used directly but use a local monitor to check recording set up. Previously I had a non-TiVo box with a SCART output and used this via a DVD/HDD recorder / component output. Now that I have the TiVo box I don't need the DVD / HDD...
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