1. rangor gubbins

    Checking status and cleaning second hand drive

    The IT department were throwing away an 8TB seagate iron wolf red nas drive today. So I asked if I could have it. It's manufacturing date is 2020, so not that old. Can someone remind me what (free) software is good for checking the drive status (e.g bad sectors etc.) and also wiping it.
  2. peanutismint

    Any way to check the health/lifespan of a second-hand GPU?

    I bought a used GPU off eBay for gaming and I'm wondering if there's a way I could check if it's been used for crypto mining or anything else that might severely affect the lifespan of the card? Or should modern cards last for decades with high use? I last replaced my GPU about 8 years ago so...
  3. mrk

    When would you consder replacing an older SSD with a newer one?

    More of a curiosity post really to see what others do and what SSDs they have as their OS drive with games/software installed. I have had an Intel Skulltrail 730 series (480GB) since close to launch and having had many many SSDs since at both home and work, it has been the single most reliable...
  4. Lee James

    LED monitors burn my eyes. Are there any 1440p CCFL monitors?

    For many years I've happily used an old CCFL monitor. It's fairly low-res but the colours are excellent. With monitor prices coming down lately, I decided to get myself a new 1440p monitor (this is the ideal resolution for me, based on the type of work I do). Unfortunately, when I got the...
  5. TallPaul1878

    W.H.O to add "excessive gaming disorder" as a mental health condition. That's right. Excessive video gaming IS now a mental health issue. If you play too many videos games then you...
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