1. Mgn

    Gaming PC Purchase HELP and ADVICE

    Sorry I don’t know if I am asking the right forum. I have no clue about gaming PCs at all, but my 10 year old son is looking for a gaming PC for his Christmas. I am not looking at spending an absolute fortune, but he wants something that is powerful enough to play things like Fortnite and Call...
  2. Methanoid

    Diagnosis on a Ryzen System in Deepest St Albans

    Not normally needed any help in 30+ years of building PCs but had a strange issue with main rig last few days. Mild OC present. Suddenly screen would go blank and monitor report no signal. PC seemed to still be live and running but no pic. Assumed it might be GPU so tried dialling OC down even...
  3. Xtzile

    PC won't boot

    Hi All, I've got a PC that has been working fine - temps all within acceptable ranges etc for the past 6 months - specs are as following: 8600k Strix z370-i 16gb Vengeance DDR4 1060 wb EVGA Gold 650w Power Supply NZXT AOI M.2 SSD Evo 960 Until today, I've tried to boot the system as per...
  4. Tibalteh

    New Gaming PC (Pre-build/Custom) - 1000£/1100£ - Would appreciate advice !

    Hi there ! I would like to get myself a gaming computer, and also I know how valuable it would be to build it on my own, I don't trust myself to do so. Not right now anyway. Therefore : prebuild or custom PC from what is available on OCUK ! I did simulate thousands of builds...
  5. ak22

    Copy pictures from phone with broken screen?

    My moto G5 screen is smashed and the battery came out when i dropped so i can't enter the password any ideas on how to move my pictures to my macbook?
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