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  1. Deponeo

    Please Help! New PC build Advice.

    Hi all, Hoping some of your tech savvy guys can help me to build the best PC with my budget of around £2,750(ish) - Open to Intel or AMD - Primarily for gaming with browsing/basic other PC use. - Looking for best performance (fps and graphically) for 4k gaming. - To be future proof. Thank...
  2. 01001101

    DDR5 RAM - DRAM Status 4800Mhz? Corsair Dominator 2x16GB 6000MT/s C30 + ASUS X670E-Plus WIFI.

    Hello.. I was wondering if anyone here is able to help? I'm a bit lost with the following.. I don't understand why my system is telling me that my DRAM status is 4800Mhz when in the bios is says it's set to 6000Mhz? Thank you in advance!
  3. ron jeffreys

    crosshair hero v111 wont post

    hello nice peoples, im new to this so forgive me if im in the wrong place and ask stupid questions, ive had my hero v111 running for a while now, its built in a tt tower 900 with a amd series 9 3900x, power cooler red devil gpu, 2 m2 drives, 1 samsung 1 tb ssd, and other bits an bats, psu power...
  4. thompson shamie

    PC Newbie - £900 to £1100 Budget

    Looking to buy a PC after getting bored of console gaming Ino nothing about PCs so I'm struggling to pick one out I want to play mostly DayZ (Modded) GTA (Modded) and other games If someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it Thank you
  5. pengZ

    Asus dynamic OC switcher help

    I know that this feature is in the Asus X570 Dark Hero but I was wondering if its going to be / is in the crosshair viii forumla since its a more expensive board and I want to get it. Also do you know any disadvantages to getting the formula over the dark hero other then price.
  6. Sharrkan

    Time for an upgrade NVIDIA 30 series probably

    So i am thinking to myself time for an upgrade soon, i go online and i see new Nvidia cards are comming out pretty soon, So i'm like sweet! But the problem is i don't know much about PC's in general, i'm just a dumbass consumer. I am looking to spend around 600£ i can push it if needed but...
  7. Saul Farrell

    Lian Li O11D Vertical GPU Mount that allows for bottom fans?

    As stated in the title I have a Lian Li O11 Dynamic Razer Edition and am looking for a vertical GPU mount that will allow me to have fans at the bottom. If it helps the fans that I currently have are the Coolermaster MF120 Halos. Also if you are planning on linked me to a shop then I live in the...
  8. Kimble

    New to builds, advice needed

    Morning all, Recently I've been interested in PC building. I have minimal knowledge but really want to get into it and give it a go. Im not fussy on what the first build can do as long as it turns on and operates as normal. It is more a test to see that I can do it then I'll go onto better...
  9. lil harry btw

    Need Upgrading advice!

    After along think, i think its best for me to start getting parts for my PC i play Fortnite at a high level and Fps later on in the game i got to 60 - 80fps, this is a big disadvantage for me because i need a constant 144fps since i have got a 144hz monitor. I have always had an idea of trying...
  10. lil harry btw

    Should I upgrade my pc?

    i have had my pc for coming up to 3 years, the games run fine but when a lot of things happen i start to lag and go to 60-80 fps. I know i can upgrade my PC but i dont have a clue on how to do it and i dont want to risk the fact of breaking the whole lot. Operating System Windows 10 Home...
  11. Zell

    Help building a gaming PC

    Hi guys, I'm looking to move to pc gaming after many years of console gaming. Was hoping someone could help show me some good builds, budget is up to £2500. Would like to get into streaming (I know everyone does lol) so I'd like to aim for high fps (100ish if possible) on pretty much any game...
  12. Jason Beresford

    Complete newbie...this is for my 15 yr old boy

    Hi I have a "gaming pc" that is 10 years old guys. Its a packard bell ipower 2.0 with 6gb of ram, intel core i5 cpu750 @ 2.67.Ghz lynfield tech. Im planning on upgrading the graphics card to ATO Radeon rx570....just so he cam play fortnight. Pc was given to me for free from a stranger. I know...
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