1. chris blackford

    What are the best mini led and ips monitors

    Hi all What are the best mini led and ips monitors at 16 Aspect ratio. At lest 32 in size gaming monitors? Google letting me down lol
  2. Shampoo

    Cheapest build?

    Need a cheap desktop PC for 1080p browsing, YouTube and backup storage. No gaming whatsoever. Needs at least 3 spaces for HDDS and a few SSDs 16GB RAM and a CPU that doesn't take a century to do anything. OS required. Please do your magic and get the cheapest, reliable build possible! Looked at...
  3. chris blackford

    Are there any oled monitors that ant reflective?

    Are there any oled monitors that ant reflective?
  4. chris blackford

    How do you get rid of burn smell on PCB?

    How do you get rid of burn smell off on PCB?
  5. whispy

    My Gaming Pc is having hardware issues (orange light)

    Issue: displays do not display and usb devices do not gain power. Pc turn on with fans/leds Cpu was operating too hot and pc was shutting down while gaming> My cpu cooler tower was loose and I reinstalled it with new thermal paste and more securely When I turn on: Motherboard orange light...
  6. chris blackford

    Looking for replacement monitor Recommendations.

    The panel on my Acer Predator XB323UGX 32 died and I sent it off too acer thay can't get the part so there refunding me so looking for new monitor any got a monitor thay happy with lol 32 inc G snyc 0.5msrpt 1440 or 4k Not curved! 16.9 240hz
  7. SHJR88

    Advice needed on first PC please!

    Hi all, I am looking at pre-built bundles online to finally make the jump from decades of console gaming. I understand individual games require a minimum spec to run at a decent level and am left scratching my head and watching YouTube videos trying to decipher what I actually need. My budget...
  8. oussamatt

    cpu fan turns on then off after 5 seconds

    hello everyone , i face lately a problem with my pc which has the following specs : asrock z77 pro 3 Ram 10 gb ddr 3 (8gb 1600 MHZ crucial 2gb 1060 mhz micron) I7 2600 gtx 970 4gb the problem starts while i'm playing videos games pc suddenly shut down and when i wanted to restart it the cpu fan...
  9. chris blackford

    GPU having black flicking lines on screen Help

    hi i just upgraded my pc and noiced GPU having black flicking lines on screen Help it dont do it all the time but once started it dont seme to stop when i was puping on the watter block sum coolant from it drip on motherborad i thought i got it all clean up but worryed its got in the pcie slot...
  10. Drums_88

    Help! Dual monitor setup has messed things up!

    Hey - I went to use dual monitors and connected both of them from my PC via DP cables. I then set it to extend displays. So far so good. I then went to play a game and it was only on the original monitor. The other monitor just displayed my desktop. I viewed a video saying to get around this...
  11. Pauly1990

    Help!! Need parts.

    Hello, I’m new ere. Just a question does anybody no were I can get this from. I have tried lian li and they told me they don’t sell parts. If anyone has any spares or does not need them in black that would be great. I would be willing to pay obviously. Picture links attached...
  12. LAOK

    ASRock motherboard choice.

    Hey guy, I've put a PCPP list for my next build, linked below. I have decided on all the parts, even bought some already, but I am still torn about the motherboard. After (too) much research I narrowed it down to two ASRock boards: B650M PG Riptide and B650M-HDV/M.2 The issue is I'm having...
  13. MercedesA45AMG

    Buying Mercedes A45 Used 2017, 38k

    Need some advice. Haven't got the car yet but slightly worried about this on the MOT Failed MOT on this -----> Nearside Front Tyre has a bulge, caused by separation or partial failure of its structure (5.2.3 (d) (ii)) Its now been 'fixed' but is this a major issue to be worried about...
  14. pallettoooobay

    Which monitor to buy?

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum. I would like some advice on which monitor to buy between these two (both are the same price and last ones available): HP Omen 25i or AOC 24G2SPU I like the height adjustment of the AOC but it wouldnt stop me from buying the Omen if it was a better...
  15. James bend

    need advice on upgrades

    hello i built my pc in 2020 it has ran fine but now i am finding that it has problem playing some games (starfield and call of duty ) i checked my diagnostics on my pc (amd adrenalin ) it says i am useing 99% of my gpu i think i need an upgrade i was thinking of gettin a Gigabyte Radeon RX...
  16. gregorp99

    Pc won’t start

    Pc just got delivered today I plugged it in switched on the psu but the pc won’t start at all
  17. EmanOnTop

    Looking for a budget monitor

    Today I went to look and monitor sizes in person and I've realised 24 inch is quite small for my liking I've had a look at 27 inch moniters and I wanted your guys opinion on 1080p 27 inch monitors or if you know any decent 1440p monitors My budget is 200 but may increase but 200 for now This...
  18. Shampoo

    Best of the OCUK Pre-builts for 4K Media and Light Gaming?

    As per title. Need a living room PC that can be used for the streaming services, and watching local backed-up 4K media and also up to some mid-end gaming. Hopefully up to giving me a good 3 years of service. Choice is overwhelming. Can I have assistance? Budget is a hard grand. :)
  19. Reesespieces92

    Impact noise from neighbours

    hi everyone! Long time lurker… first time poster. So we bought a new build house back in 2021 which we have lived in for almost 3 years. We love the house in general, however we have a few noise issues which we are hoping we can get solved. So we have a detached house, with a 3 foot path...
  20. monke

    Need help on CPU

    Hi all, I have been playing on an old PC handed down to me which has: CPU - Intel i5-3570k GPU - GTX 1070 RAM - 16GB DDR3 Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H Power Supply - Unsure which one but outputs either 650 or 750 watts (will check if necessary in future) I wanted to get a better CPU but I...
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