1. Mysterae_

    Fixing & optimising my heating system (oil + log boilers).

    When we moved in to this house a few years ago I wasn’t familiar with oil fired or biomass boilers in any way at all. This was the system that greeted us: Look at the size of that water tank on the right of the image! 3,000 litres apparently; it’s an accumulator tank, a sort of battery...
  2. IggyJD

    Help! 3080 overclocking for mining stuck :(

    Hey guys, Just got an RTX 3080 for my gaming rig and though about mining on the side to take advantage of it. I’m having a problem. I got up to 98/99 MH/s. Phoenix miner on Hive pool with the RTX 3080, Windows 10 64-bit. Used Aorus Engine to overclock. But then I got MSI Afterburner because I...
  3. Frasier013

    Wiring Hive receiver

    I'm about to start wiring up our new Hive receiver to replace an old receiver (not a Hive) and whilst the wiring seems simple, i'm not 100% certain where wires A and B should go? I thought A should go in to 1, and B should go in to 3? This is the old receiver, obviously still wired in. And...
  4. skyripper

    Hive Lights and an automatic extractor fan on the same switch

    In our bathrooms and the kitchen, we have extactor fans which are constantly powered but triggered on high speed when the lights come on. The lights are the usual switched Live, with permanent Neutral. The fans have their own isolated Live and Neutral, with a feed from the light Switched Live...
  5. Sharif

    Hive home heating

    I have recently got this installed. My boiler is single zoned and i do not plan to change the hardware. I would like to use another thermostat to be able to control the temperature in the room amd turm the heating off using hive. Hive sales are not very helpful and i am sure with all these...
  6. Bertie2468

    Hive dual channel to replace an old Randall 3020p

    All sorted
  7. crazybee

    New build for VR focused PC

    Hi there folks. It's been a VERY long time since I've looked into building a new PC so I think this time I may just leave it to the experts. I basically want a decent VR gaming system mainly to play & stream Elite Dangerous in VR and any other good VR games i discover along the way. I have a...
  8. confuseddotcom

    Hive installation issues

    Hi, hoping someone may be able to help me. Installing hive, got bits of ebay all boxed. Exisiting boiler is a baxi bermuda back boiler with a siemens RWB29 controller and honeywell digital thermostat.Terminal L,N,1,3,4 have connections.I have had two duel chan recievers and niether seem to work...
  9. Anna10

    Honeywell to Hive dual channel

    Hi! I would be grateful for any advice. We used to have Hive single channel system as we had a combi boiler. We had a single channel receiver, Nano hub and the thermostat (the less appealing white one). During the house rebuild, we switched to a (Baxi) boiler with a (Megaflo) hot water tank and...
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