1. mrk

    Half-Life 3 confirmed!

    That got the old dome cranking right :D One can only hope... https://www.pcgamesn.com/half-life-3/artwork-valve-sequel
  2. Kainz

    HL3 - Episode 3 'Leak' by lead writer

    https://github.com/Jackathan/MarcLaidlaw-Epistle3/blob/master/Epistle3_Corrected.md https://pastebin.com/q9DMFa7c Apparently Marc Laidlaw has posted what would have been the plot of Half-life 3 on his website. No idea why he left but maybe Valve didn't want to put in the effort or budget into...
  3. UKMach

    Half-life 3 - are you really putting this in your advert MSI?

    Checking out the new nvidia 1080ti today and noticed that MSI are pushing some mega ultron hype with stating it will have fantastic technologies for super fluid frame rates in action packed games such as Half life 3. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/detail/index/sArticle/66525 I have four...
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