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  1. Schizophonic

    Surround speaker upgrades / options

    This is my current setup in the living room, running a 5.1.2 setup. From the picture below as you can see I have some ceiling wall mounter speakers but the left channel has now become distorted and needs to be replaced. Within a reasonable budget (£150ish) I'm looking to have some speakers...
  2. Jessmardon

    5.1 surround media player for Denon AVR- x520bt AV setup

    Hi there, I’m installing an AV setup with surround sound for an exhibition and need to find a high quality surround sound capable media player. My setup uses a Denon AVR-x520bt with bowers wilkins 5.1 surround speaker setup. I will be playing an AV work through the setup as follows.. media...
  3. KeanuIsLife

    Jamo S 809 bundle vs Dali Oberon 5 5.1 bundle or other?

    Hi all Going to be moving into a house this year and wanting to get a nice home theatre setup to upgrade my LG CX Was looking at the Sony HT A9 but it's not been in stock since release in the UK and thinking maybe I go for a bundle package instead. Any thoughts on the 2 mentioned in the title...
  4. KeanuIsLife

    Sony HT A9 impressions?

    Going to be looking to upgrade from my tv speakers pretty soon and was looking around at options. The Samsung q950a was up there as my choice but the HT A9s have gotten extremely good reviews so far. Anyone have this or heard it and can recommend? How does it compare to the q950a for the price...
  5. RushupEdge

    Cable Hiding (...in a Chimney Breast - 2021 Edition)

    Hi All, I've read a bunch of old threads on the forum about people chasing holes through their chimney breast and out to the alcove in order to hide cables. I'm in the process of mounting my LG55CX onto my (unused) chimney breast and the idea of having all my cabling hidden is very appealing...
  6. A.Pendlebury

    PC Spec and Build Assistance

    Hello All I've joined these forums hunting down some help from those better educated than me when it comes to all things PC. Of recent I've been following everything next gen when it comes to gaming as I'm sure many of us have. To the point I nearly ordered myself a Series X till I realised a...
  7. Sir Eisenstein

    Denon x3500h vs Pioneer lx303. 5.1.2 / 5.1.4

    I have been eyeing a new AV receiver for a while and basically got stuck between these two models. From what i can gather Denon is a fantastic deal but i am not sure if a 5.1.2 atmos will be convincing enough. Pioneer is the cheapest 9.2 avr i found but i can't seem to find any professional...
  8. Okily-Dokily

    Newbie questions on a new budget setup

    Hi all, I’ve just ordered my first TV in about 7 years, a Sony Bravia 55xf9005 - it’s a hell of an upgrade on my current 32” Sharp! To go with this TV I want to get a sound system that will do it justice. I’ve only got a small living room and my budget isn’t huge, let’s say around £350 all-in...
  9. lost0ne33

    speaker stands.. cheap

    It seams this haven't been discussed much but what are some really cheap but sturdy floor standing speaker stands and i mean cheap, like £40 or so cheap for a pair. They bound to be good ones?
  10. lost0ne33

    Dot and dab and a bracket.

    I like to put up a TV soon and I have a external wall with a dot and dap. Whats the easiest way to put up a bracket on these. Bracket is for 55 lcd screen. Im not a builder but cant I just screw into the plaster board and into the brick. I know outside is stone work but will there be brick in...
  11. lost0ne33

    My new movie setup, what sub/4k player

    Hi I narrowed what I need and just to know if its ok and what sub to go with it. Heres the list for a 5.1 setup: KEF-Q150-BLK 2 frount, 2 back £798.00 A/V=YAMA-RXV485-BLK. £349.00 Sub not sure 4k player? Not sure Got a pan TX 55 4k TV I love the kef i have on my hi fi so fixated on...
  12. Sam Dennis

    New Home Theatre Setup

    First of all! Hi! I'm new on here so be kind! I'll explain a few things first to make it easier for you guys to help! I have had a gaming pc I built nearly 3 years ago. I have purchased a Sony HT-RT3 5.1 Soundbar Set to accompany my games, I have used headsets and just don't get on with them...
  13. Daniel Gibbons

    GPU for 4K movie viewing

    Hi Firstly I'm not sure if this should've been in graphics card or home cinema, please move if necessary. I have purchased the 55" LG OLED television. I have a number of UHD movies on my hard drive. My graphics card is old (radeon HD6900) and maximum output is HD resolution. There is no way...
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